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Today…I choose to walk by faith not by sight.

A close friend of mine said to me this weekend, “Walk by faith, not by sight.” I had read these very words in a book while visiting my mom and step-dad last October and shared with my mom at that time that I wanted to use those words in a blog. So I choose to do that today.

My practice, my belief, and my faith center in this: for me, God is Love. The word of God is Love. We are each infinite expressions of Love, and I believe that I am meant to be here now expressing God’s word (Love) into the world. With this as my core belief, I do my best each day to reflect Love into the world through loving everyone I touch as best I can in this moment. At times I stumble, oh believe me, I stumble perhaps fall flat on my face is more accurate. Yet that is the beauty of it being my practice…I can grow.

This starts with me. I choose to see the Love within me, and I choose to see the Love within everyone I meet. I must admit sometimes it has been more of seeing the Love in others first, and then from being so surrounded by loving beings, I could see the love in me. I am so very grateful I am open to seeing all the Love that surrounds me. My heart overflows, and it has changed my life.

Today, I choose to remember that God is with me…that I am an infinite expression of God’s Love…that we all are.

So, today, I choose to walk by faith, not by sight. This or something greater for the highest good of all concerned. So it is.


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