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Today I am grateful for my journey.

Today I choose to be grateful for my journey…each step…each so called mistake, each choice, each experience has brought me here.  Today, I choose to love all of me, the compassionate, loving woman I’ve become and the strong-willed, sarcastic teenager that I once was.  I choose to see my growth instead of my short-comings.  I choose to see the beauty of the life I have co-created with my Source, my husband, and my family.  I choose to smile, to be me, playful, quirky me…and to laugh in true joy for the gifts of my life.  Today I am grateful for all the beautiful beings who have seen the good in me when I was unable to see it in myself.  Today, I celebrate the opportunity to become the person my young self once hoped I could be and to know that I am closer than I have ever been before.   In Love and In Joy. =)


Today I choose to remember to breathe…

Today I choose to remember to breathe…to slow down…to let go of all that feels urgent and focus on what is important – the people in my life. I choose to remember that, “The soul would have no rainbow had the eye no tear.” Today I choose to recognize that my blessings and joys are so much greater than my challenges. Today…I choose to relax and be in love and in joy. Love and Joy to us all. In Joy.

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