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Today, I choose to be free…

Today, I choose to be free of any self-imposed story of doubt, any idea of how it should be, and to be fully present and me in each moment. Blissfully being in love and in joy. Infinite Love and Gratitude. In Joy.


Today…I choose to see the love in every one.

Today…I choose to see the love in every one.

Several weeks or so ago, I received a shared story via Facebook, – .UT45QcP70L_.facebook. It was about an Israeli graphic designer, Ronny Edry who had heard that war was inevitable with Iran.  He decided to create a poster and post it on Facebook. It was a picture of him and his daughter, and on it, he wrote, “Iranians we will never bomb your country. We heart you.”  He created a movement simply by acting upon his heart, his creativity, through the medium he knew best…and he has touched the lives of millions across the globe and inspired a response first from Iran with the reply, “Israelis, in the end we are all brothers and sisters.” and “We love you too.”

I cried and cried and cried as I watched this story. My heart was simply overflowing with love, joy, and wonder. Behind our governments, we are all people with great hearts. It saddens me to see that our governments promote animosity, and fail to see that as people, our answers are not in hate but in love. This story reflected this so gracefully and beautifully as literally people from all over the world responded.

Perhaps I am an idealist and a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. =) I believe it is a time of coming together. It is time to come together as people, to seek how we are alike especially at our core, our heart, and to honor and respect our differences as opportunities to learn and grow in our understanding and compassion for all people everywhere. How can we best serve one another in support of each other, not in tolerance, but in true acceptance, understanding, and love for the simple fact that we are all beings undergoing the journey of life seeking our truth, seeking to love and be loved, seeking our purpose, seeking to be known and to know, to understand and be understood, to be heard?

Today, I choose to see the love in every one.

In Infinite Love & Gratitude for us all.

I Love You! In Joy.

Today…I choose to walk by faith not by sight.

A close friend of mine said to me this weekend, “Walk by faith, not by sight.” I had read these very words in a book while visiting my mom and step-dad last October and shared with my mom at that time that I wanted to use those words in a blog. So I choose to do that today.

My practice, my belief, and my faith center in this: for me, God is Love. The word of God is Love. We are each infinite expressions of Love, and I believe that I am meant to be here now expressing God’s word (Love) into the world. With this as my core belief, I do my best each day to reflect Love into the world through loving everyone I touch as best I can in this moment. At times I stumble, oh believe me, I stumble perhaps fall flat on my face is more accurate. Yet that is the beauty of it being my practice…I can grow.

This starts with me. I choose to see the Love within me, and I choose to see the Love within everyone I meet. I must admit sometimes it has been more of seeing the Love in others first, and then from being so surrounded by loving beings, I could see the love in me. I am so very grateful I am open to seeing all the Love that surrounds me. My heart overflows, and it has changed my life.

Today, I choose to remember that God is with me…that I am an infinite expression of God’s Love…that we all are.

So, today, I choose to walk by faith, not by sight. This or something greater for the highest good of all concerned. So it is.

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